Business Cards For Bloggers

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Business Cards for Bloggers?! Whaaaaaat…

Business Cards are one of the top ways to increase your readership off-line.

Here are some of our hot tips to get maximum benefit out of your business card as a Blogger.

Double Check (or Triple!) for Typos.

If you can get others to check for typos, the more the merrier. You don’t want to end up like Eric Schmidt, the “Chariman of the Executive Committee and CEO of Google”. Always print a test copy if you are printing your own cards.

Typo On Eric Schmidt’s Business Card

Business Cards for Bloggers

Let your business card start a conversation.

Give your clients something to talk about besides your email address and credentials. Here’s some clever ideas to get people talking.

Braille, texture and feel.

Business cards for bloggers

Wood Business Cards

Business cards for bloggers

Metal Business Cards

Business cards for bloggers

Stretchy rubber Business Cards

Business cards for bloggers

Don’t be shy!

Tell everyone about yourself and what it is you do. Be personal!

Business cards for bloggers

Encode Your Data in a QR Code

Go Tech and smart phone friendly by adding a QR (Quick Response) code! You can use an on-line generator (like Kaywa’s QR Code Generator) to make one containing your blog’s URL and info, and incorporate it into your business card design. Anyone with a smart phone can take a pic of the QR code and instantly get access to your data.

Business cards for bloggers

Use a photo of yourself!

Using a photo helps people remember you. Try to practice Consistent Branding-use the same picture that is on your Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media.

Think outside the traditional card!

Creative non-standard shapes or sizes can be loads of fun. These cards are great for creating impressions and making a statement, but they can be difficult to store.

Business cards for bloggers

Ditch the Old School Contact Info

Dropping your IRL address and land line telephone numbers (home or business) can be very cost effective if you are prone to move a lot. Besides, you can always give out the info on your Blog.

business cards for bloggers

If you must use old-school contact info, try moving it to the back.

business cards for bloggers

Going Minimal

If you only put your name on your card, make sure you can be found on major search engines.

Business cards for bloggers

Maximize your Advertising Space

Make use of both the front and back of your business card!

Business cards for bloggers

Another option is to create a “Blog Card”- a business card focusing the Blog and not the actual Blogger.

Business Card for bloggers

Some Final Thoughts

Use creativity with colors, but keep it light enough to write on. Some people like to make notes to help remember other and they can’t easily do that on a dark background. (Unless they carry around a silver/white pen…)

Business cards for bloggers

Bi-lingual and Proud! Speak more than one language? Put it on your business card. Dual language business cards are a great way to help you stand out and show off your cross cultural ability.

Above all else, make sure your Blogger business card is original and personal to you!

Need business cards printed? There are a lot of online printing websites with for some great specials and awesome quality prints!

Have a great blogger business card?

Leave us a comment and show off your design!



  1. Vincent says:

    Great article, thanks for the tips!

  2. These are simply amazing! I have never thought that there are several styles of business cards. I really love everything especially the one with a pop-up and the Atelier Pall. On the other hand, I was wondering, will the card imprinted on a glass slide not be so fragile? It sure looks cool but I guess it will easily break.

  3. jack21 says:

    ooohhh – I LOVE it – pity I already paid someone to “makeover” my blog (they have taken over 6 weeks, I’m the only client and I haven’t heard a thing – it’s a bit dodgy!!)…….can’t wait to see the other cool stuff you can do it is realy helpful for me.. I like your site.. the busness Card are so good. Spacially the first one.. it is realy good…you can also visit for image editing site here